Z/ COOL Ultra Corvette Tunnel Plate Heat Shield

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Heat shield for C5 & C6 tunnel plate and inner frame rails


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Z/COOL Ultra Corvette Tunnel Plate Heat Shield


 C5 / C6 Z Cool Tunnel Plate shield &

 inner frame rails heat shield

Now the exhaust cavity is encapsulated on the top and sides. Preventing heat from entering the cockpit.

♦ Precision die cut

           ♦ No need to remove the plate or the 36 bolts holding it to install

♦ Material approved at several major OEM’s

♦ Hi-performance 10 mil embossed aluminum surface

♦ Mechanically needle punched fiber glass composite spacer

♦ High-temperature pressure sensitive adhesive

♦ Reduce console & interior temperatures

♦ Light weight – less than a pound

C5/C6 Corvette Sure Start Heat Sheild










ZCool Ultra Heat Shield installation Instructions

Installation on a C5 (1997-2004) or C6 (2005-2013)

The procedure is the same.

Tip: You might want to get a new set of exhaust gaskets before you start.

1) Frist thing to do is to jack up the car and place it securely and safely on jack stands, or a lift.

2) You are just removing the center section of the exhaust system. From the exhaust manifolds to the rear over the axle pipes.

3) Remove the O2 sensors (22mm wrench). Be careful not to damage them.

4) You have 6 bolts at the exhaust manifold, 3 on each side to remove. Might use a little penetrating oil and let them soak.

5) If you have the stock H-pipe there are 2 bolts securing the bracket just in front of the Cats. Loosen but not remove at this time.

6) Loosen the 2 spring hanger’s bolts at rear of the center selection, but don’t remove yet.

7) Loosen and remove the 4 bolts at the rear flanges.

8) Now you have the 2 front mounting bracket bolts and the 2 spring hanger bolt at the rear holding the center selection. Now is a good time to have an extra pair of hands or a jack to stabilize the selection while you finish removing the bolts at front mounting bracket and at the rear spring hangers. After the bolts are removed you are ready to lower the center selection down.


Now you are ready to start installing the Z Cool Heat Shield.

* You can install the shield in place or you can remove the plate and install the shield.

* If you are installing the new ¼ tunnel plate you can move to the next selection.

Removal of the Plate

* If you ordered the ¼ plate with the Z Cool Heat Shield, the heat shield is already installed on the tunnel plate. You can move to the next section. Removal of the Plate

1) Clean the cover plate and side rails with a degreaser. Do a final wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol, or brake clean, something that will not leave a residue.

2) Line up before removing release paper. Make some marks, or use tape as reference marks.

3) Remove just a small part of release paper at one end, line up with your marks, lightly attach one end, and check alignment. The adhesive is very aggressive, so take your time. Once you are happy with the alignment, peel off release paper as you press the shield in place. Try to work the air out as you go, like you would a decal.

4) Clean the side rails with a degreaser. Do a final wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol, or brake clean, something that will not leave a residue. The notch on one end goes to the rear. (Peel a little of the release paper back so you can grab it once the shield is in place) Place the other end at the edge of the metal shields. Peel off release paper as you press the shield in place, try to work the air out as you go, like you would a decal.

5) Installation is in reverse order of the removal.


Removal of the Plate 

1) At this point it’s pretty straight forward. There are 36 (6 x1.25 mm) bolts to remove. Air or electric tools are real nice right about now. You will need an 8 mm socket and a 6”    extension. Start removing the bolts, but leave 2 bolts in the center (1 on each side) until you are ready to remove the plate. Once you remove the plate installation is the reverse order of the removal.

2) Get all the bolts started and just hand tighten until the plate is seated.

3) Torque spec are 7.4 foot/pounds or 89 inch/pounds.  Start in the center and work your out to the ends.

4)  Installation is in reverse order of the removal.