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162 pc. Weather Pack Kit  W/Crimping Tool

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This Kit includes  crimping & removal tool, a variety of pins & seals all packaged in a nice storage box.

List of Parts

SEALS: 20 Each –  Green 18-20 AWG,  Gray 14-16 AWG

PLUGS: 10 Plug Seals

PINS: 20 Each of male & female pins – 14-16 AWG, & 18-20 AWG

HOUSINGS:  4 Complete – 1 cavity ( tower & shroud) housing

                            4 Complete – 2 cavity ( tower & shroud) housing

                            3 Complete – 3 cavity ( tower & shroud) housing

                            4 Complete – 4 cavity ( tower & shroud) housing

TOOLS:  1 – Crimping Tool, 1 – Removal Tool


The Weather Pack series of high-quality environmentally sealed automotive connectors is well proven in tough, long-term, real world street car applications. Self-lubricating silicone connector seals, cable seals, and cavity plugs exclude moisture, dust, dirt, and a variety of automotive chemicals to ensure a reliable electrical connection. Heat stabilized polyamide housings combined with the heat resistant silicone seals withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions of a vehicle’s engine compartment. With a positive snap latch and hinged, locking seal retainers, these connectors are immune to problems caused by extremely high shock and vibration environments.




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