SHARKSKIN Hood Insulation Kit – 66 / 67 Chevy ll / Nova Cowl Hood


Fits 66 / 67 Chevy ll / Nova Cowl Hood

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Premium Hood Insulation Kits

Now you can get the same high-performance materials used in today’s automobiles. This patented material is laboratory tested and OEM approved, by Ford, Chrysler, and GM.

  The new SharkSkin Hood Insulation material is the new standard for hood insulation. The original factory hood insulation in the 70’s wasn’t great to start with, and most of the replacement pads are of lesser quality. Very flimsy, slags & tends to fall apart, and fray. Now most will provide some heat insulation, but will do little to absorb engine noise, just not enough density to make a different. At most car shows I attend I see most guys don’t even bother to replace the hood insulation after a restoration because there is no alternative to currently available hood insulation. SharkSkin Hood Insulation solves the problem.

  Now it does not have an OEM look, if you have an original car SharkSkin may not work for you. The black scrim face will work in any engine compartment. Very nice finished look to compliment all your hard work. SharkSkin is 2.5 times denser by weight than the “ repop “ type insulation. Great heat insulation and will help to absorb engine compartment noise. Will not slag or fray. Our hood insulation is shipped flat, not folded & crushed.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about SharkSkin Hood Insulation:

Hello Fred, I placed an order back in June I just wanted to send a note of thanks and tell you that your product is outstanding. The Sharkskin Underhood Insulation looks amazing and I think will hold up with long term durability. My 67 Chevy II had the original insulation and certainly looked its age, however, since I have made this change, I am anxious to hear the comments when I attend my next car show. Thanks again for making a great product at a more than fair price as I wanted to send you some positive feedback on your product.
Best Regards,

I thanked Tom for the feedback and asked if he could send me some pics and a write up. Here’s the follow up.

Hello Fred,
I have attached some pics of my 1967 Chevy II 4 Dr.  This car was purchased new by my great grandfather on 8-21-67, then passed on to my grandfather, then on to me in 1997.  When I got the car in 1997 it had 29,000 original miles.  For the last 21 years I only put 2,000 miles on it.  In January of this year, I decided to do a complete sleeper upgrade with a new LS3 (495hp) full powertrain, Church Boys Racing components, all new suspension and brakes, and a full list of other upgrades.  The exterior is all original except for being repainted in 1990.  The new engine compartment, including your Sharkskin underhood panels that worked absolutely perfect.  Your panels gave my car the finishing touch it needed under the hood…..has the classic look that’s close to stock and looks very clean!  Obviously this car has a lot of sentimental value, and now, it’s a freakin’ blast to drive.  Thanks again for making a great product and thanks for showing an interest in taking a look at my Chevy II.


Fred, Installed the Sharkskin insulation today in my 1966 Nova hood and the panels fit absolutely perfect and they look awesome too. What a great new product!!! Initially thought I may need to use a silicone adhesive to secure the panels, however the fit very securely and none was needed. Once the hood is back on the car I will send pics.


Advantages / Benefits

  • precut for easy installation                                                                                  MADE IN AMERICA4
  • absorbs engine compartment noise
  • black scrim face adds a finished look to your engine compartment
  • extremely light weight
  • resistance to mildew
  • insulates hood from high engine temperatures, preventing paint damage
  • durable, stiff body will not sag, less fasteners needed
  • available by the sheet for custom applications
  • dash, or firewall liner ( interior )
  • roof insulation
  • rear panel / back seat insulation

Typical Properties 

  • Thickness                    5/8”
  • Flammability                 SAE J369   self-extinguishing
  • Temperature                 continuous 350 degrees F / intermittent 400 degrees F.


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