HUSHMAT Ultra – Mega Bulk Kit

$649.95 $487.49


HUSHMAT Ultra Super Bulk Kit  10900  Silver only

9 sheets – sheet size 24″ x 48″  Total 72 sf



Hushmat Ultra damping products leads the automotive industry in performance and ease of installation. Reduces road noise, exhaust noise, and cuts thermal transfer up 40%. Hushmat is the only OEM spec-approved damping material available to the aftermarket. Self-adhesive, no additional glue required and Hushmat is the only one that guarantees adhesion!  The damping is so effective that for noise control, only 50% coverage is required. Saving you money & time. Best of all Hushmat actually manufactures Hushmat, they are not a marketing company that just resales someone else’s  product. Proudly made in the United States of America.