HUSHMAT Silencer Megabond

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Silencer Megabond Foam

2 sheets – sheet size – 1/4″ x 23″ x 36″  Total 11.5 sf


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HUSHMAT Silencer Megabond is designed to eliminate higher frequency airborne noise that damping materials do not treat. The  1/4″  can be applied to door panels, and head liners.

Absorbs Exhaust, Engine & Tire Noise plus Adds Second Layer of Insulation!

HushMat SILENCER MEGABOND – Semi-Closed Cell Sound & Thermal Insulating Foam

  • Absorbs Wind Noise, Engine Noise, Road/Tire Noise, Exhaust Noise up to 4000 Hz
  • Thermal insulation up to 300 degrees F – adds additional 30% over Ultra!
  • Abrasion resistant semi closed cell construction
  • Terrific memory and available in three thicknesses 1/8”, ¼” & ½”
  • Now available in Bulk Rolls!
  • One step peel and stick application
  • Cuts with Scissors or box knife

Best yet – HushMat Silencer Megabond is manufactured here in the USA!


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