Braided Fiberglass Sleeve 1″



20′ of 1″ sleeve black

nominal size 1.018″


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BFG Hi-Temp Coated Fiberglass Sleeving


BFG is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve commonly used as thermal protection for wires, cables, fuel lines, plug wires and hoses that are exposed to continuous high temperature such as high performance engine compartments and around exhaust systems.

It is tough and durable and maintains a tight weave under vibration, abrasion, and mechanical stress and temperature variations. Besides the thermal protection, it makes any engine compartment look great.

BFG Sleeving is a tightly woven, flexible, continuous filament E Glass braid that is heat treated to remove all organic matter and then saturated with an acrylic binder. This binds the fibers to provide excellent fray resistance in cutting. BFG Sleeving provides thermal  insulation at temperatures from -74°F up to 1200°F and has a continuous operating temperature of 850°F. BFG Sleeving is used in high temperature applications and wherever repeated flexing or temperature extremes prohibit the use of other materials.

It’s expandability and flexibility enables it to slip over irregular shapes.


Cut through resistance:               Excellent

Oil resistance:                               No swelling or disintegration

Fungus resistance:                       Inert, requires no fungicide additives.

Rate of Burning                            Meets UL VW-1 flammability rating

BFG Sleeving is heat resistant, non-flammable and VW-1 flame retardant as recognized by

UL in File #E80713.

Applicable Specifications:

o ASTM D 350 / 372.

o MIL-Y-1140H


o Ford ESE-M12G17-B



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