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 Made in USA plate


Specialty Automotive Materials takes pride that we can offer great America products, made by great America companies.

Been that way since our start in 2009.

New Hushmat Pricing

Hushmat has reduced their MAP (minimum advertised price)

We can now offer Hushmat at 25% off MSRP


 New Products for C5 & C6 Corvettes Now Available


Z Cool Ultra Tunnel Plate Heat Shield

 We added 2 inner frame rails Z Cool heat shields to further reduce heat entering the cockpit and console.

WEB_Z COOL SIDE SHIELDS 4Specialty Automotive Materials

Z Cool Under Console Heat Shield is now available for C5 & C6 Corvettes

C6 Console Heat ShieldsWEB_Z COOL C5


 The new under the console heat shield for the C5 & C6 Corvettes are now available. We are using a aluminum faced carbon fiber felt with PSA. In testing, Console temperatures were reduced by 50%  . Look under the Z Cool categories on the left of the page.



There is a lot of buzz on the Corvette Forum thanks to a couple of their members and I appreciate it.

Those same guys are testing these products hope to hear back from them soon.


Thanks for your time!

  New!  THERMAFLEX High-Temp Split Tube Sleeve


ThermaFlex SleevingTECH FLEX PNG (2)WEB_IMG_0613






ThermaFlex creates a thermal buffer between your wires, hoses and cables and the high temperature environments surrounding them. Deflects radiant heat up to 1400°F

The highly reflective aluminized exterior, combined with the insulating braided fiberglass interior, protects delicate wire bundles, cables and lines from damage caused by nearby exhaust pipes, headers or other heat generating components.


Engine/Wire harnesses, Control Cables, Sensor Wires, Fuel Lines, Brake Lines can all benefit from the reduced temperatures.

Preventing premature failures and breakdowns on the side of the road. Ever have a vapor lock, ThermaFlex can solve that problem as well as many others. Protect your components by reducing heat transfer up to 50%.


           New! for the 68 / 69 Chevelle 2″ cowl hood     

Ready for shipment. Thanks to Leonard, of North Carolina for helping us with the patterns.

68/69 Chevelle Cowl HoodCHEVELLE 6869 Cowl Hood

Here is Leonard’s Chevelle he is working on.

Putting a BBC EFI engine in it. Dakota digital dash with a American Auto Wire harness.

Leonards 68 ChevelleBB Chevy

Paint is Hugger Orange and used Cromax BC/CC and painted it his self.

Leonard will update us with pictures when finished.

Appreciate Leonard’s help in getting the SharkSkin hood insulation done for the cowl hood








SoundSkin logoSoundSkin Damping mat








Press release

Specialty Automotive Materials is proud to announce the addition of SoundSkins Acoustic Damping Mat to our high quality product line up. SoundSkins is a premium acoustic foam layered sound damping mat that gives added noise & heat reduction from engine, exhaust & road noise. Blocks more outside noise while eliminating echo and vibrations. It’s two products in one which simplifies installation. Industrial acoustic companies have used combinations of products such as damping, absorbers, barriers, & isolators’ materials to address noise control problems. This advanced design is first available to the restoration & audio aftermarket.

Comes with a 100% Quality Guarantee or SoundSkins will replace it FREE. SoundSkins guarantees it will never delaminate, hold or absorb water for the life of the vehicle. Large sheet roll design for quicker & neater installations. Soundproof your car & reduce road noise. Order yours today.

Questions, call us today 704.651.0270


Just wanted to show off one of our customers car. Mark was nice enough to send some finished photos.

Nice job Mark & Sandy

Mark & Sandy's 66 NovaWEB_Nova Engine (1024x576)

SharkSkin 66 NovaMark & Sandy 66 Nova

Hello Fred,

I apologize it has taken this long to meet my commitment to provide pictures of My 1966 Nova with the Shark Skin Hood insulation.  Like so many projects, we ran into a few snags that delayed the car’s completion. However, it is finally done so here are some pictures.
The car is a 1966 Nova Sport Coupe that my wife Sandy & I purchased 8-years ago. After years of searching we were finally introduced to this sweet little 1-owner car and It was love at first site. It was an original un-restore car with very low mileage, powered with a 230 6-cylinder and powerglide trans. Our first projects for the car was a 327 engine and 4-speed transplant. We then drove and showed the car for about 6-years prior to the recently completed total make over. The attached pictures will pretty much tell the rest of the story about the car.
We want to give you a special thank you for providing with us great customer service and your Shark Skin Hood insulation which is an amazing product both functionally and it’s awesome appearance.
Best regards,
Mark & Sandy
Dixon, IL







New announcement from Hushmat

ZyCoat Thermal Coatingn

Hushmat, maker of sound dampening material, announced two new ventures including the offering of its products with custom carpets for thousands of vehicles.

It has also branched into thermal engine coating. Both new products are on display at the SEMA Show this week in Las Vegas.

With the new ventures, and growth in its core sound dampening sales, Hushmat expects to triple its revenues in 2016.

First, the company has teamed with Auto Custom Carpets, the largest supplier of custom carpet sets for specific vehicles, said Tim McCarthy, Hushmat CEO. So if you order carpets made to fit a 67 Chevelle you can order Hushmat pre-cut sound dampening mats that will arrive in the same shipment.   Hushmat will co-brand its product with Auto Custom Carpets in the venture, which officially kicked off on Tuesday.

Additionally, McCarthy has launched a new company called ZyCoat that coats the engine’s side exhaust manifold and header to increase horsepower and dissipate radiant heat. It also eliminates corrosion, said McCarthy.

It can be sprayed, wiped or dipped onto the engine to reduce radiant heat by over 90 percent and increase horsepower by 2 percent.  Zycoat is owned by McCarthy and Hushmat is its exclusive distributor.

“A tremendous amount of heat is generated from the engine side of the vehicle. Under Hushmat, we didn’t have an offering that focused on the engine side so we started working 2 ½ years ago, looking for products that would manage heat on the engine side,” said McCarthy.

He said Hushmat’s core market of sound deadening material is also growing in all sectors including the car audio aftermarket, upholstery and restyling, hot rod and restoration, performance, RV and marine.

Hushmat is displaying at the SEMA Show at booth #22983 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the SEMA Show this week.





Introducing the SharkSkin Hood Insulation

for the 67 – 69 Camaro.

You now have an option. Before there was only the full size, original type material or nothing at all. Most guys elect to put nothing, because of the poor quality material. It tends to fray, dust, & slags. SharkSkin Hood Insulation is a far superior material to what is currently being used. Specialty Automotive Materials has developed a solution with a new design. The Chevelle’s & Nova’s use the lip of the structural bracing to hold the hood insulation in place. Our design works on the same principle, since the Camaro’s hood is designed the same way. Now available for SS hoods, & Cowl hoods




The black scrim face works great in any engine compartment. Very nice ‘finished’ look to compliment all your hard work. Hides the studs & nuts from the hood louvers on SS hoods. SharkSkin is 2.5 times denser by weight than the ‘ repop‘ type insulation. This is GREAT heat insulation and will help to absorb engine compartment noise. It will not slag or fray. Our hood insulation is shipped flat, not folded or crushed. CNC cut to insure a quality fit ever time.




Hushmat Sound Damping

 The Hushmat Ultra line of thermal & acoustical products are # 1 on the market. Specialty Automotive Materials is an authorized distributor in the Charlotte, NC area. We service restoration parts vendors, restoration shops, upholstery shops, and the guy that does the work himself. You can find the complete line Hushmat products under Acoustic / NVH Group category.



ZeroClearance / Specialty Automotive Materials

  ZeroClearance® tunnel & under floor thermal insulation is a versatile 3 layer thermal shield product that has many uses. It is sold in 5 different size sheets to fit you needs.

The SureStart Heat Shield is die cut to fit the mini starter. Its a must if you run headers.

The Z/Cool Corvette tunnel shield is die cut for the C5 / C6 tunnel plate. Keeps heat out of the console area.

  Look under the Z Cool Heat Shield category.


  The SharkSkin Hood Insulation Material is far superior to the currently available replacement insulation being offered for the  Chevelle’s & Nova’s. The black scrim face really finishes off the engine compartment that you have worked so hard on. You will find them under the SharkSkin Hood Insulation category.

Here’s  one customer’s comment:

Fred, Installed the Sharkskin insulation today in my 1966 Nova hood and the panels fit absolutely perfect and they look awesome too. What a great new product!!! Initially thought I may need to use a silicone adhesive to secure the panels, however the fit very securely and none was needed. Once the hood is back on the car I will send pics.


Specialty Automotive Materials is currently researching other popular models to produce the SharkSkin Hood Insulation kits for, if you have any suggests please contact us.

68/72 Nova SharkSkin Cowl Hood Insulation68/72 SharkSkin Nova Cowl Hood

68/72 SharkSkin Nova Hood InsulationSharkSkin Hood Liner66 Chevelle Malibu El Camino Hood Insulation